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Matt, I was heart-broken for you as I have been there myself. The best consolation is that we both have some seriously bad-ass machines, that when they are dialed in are just sublime perfection in driving. There are faster vehicles out there i.e. AM, BM, Not DM(My buddy Mark won DM and I raw timed him much to his chagrine) :P But our Lotuses are real cars. They have doors, they are like the ones on the street. Yet they dance and come alive on the course or track. Our daily with Penskes, TVS400, and street tires is an 11 sec 1/4 mile charger that sets FTDs. I take that to home depot and grocery store. A few mods make these things amazing. Your car is just a stunning bit of engineering with the twin-charger. It is unique and badass! I WISH I had your torque! It is small consolation, I realize, but there it is. You drove great both days and at the end of it you are not going home in a Miata!

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