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Originally Posted by Roboto Esprit View Post
What is with this custom broaching shenanigans.... Especially when this can be done on any lathe or mill. moreover. CNC is the thing these days. I have not seen my column yet but I have my doubts on needing anything so special. Why: I have made at least 6 adapters at home without a mill for other cars. IF your a cheapskate like me theres aways option three. Cut out an existing wheel center make a jig and weld up an adapter plate.

Where are you at that it cost 1200 bucks for a broach job.

Pissing down your boots I am not. I just cant wrap my tiny brain around these prices. I could see paying it for a tranny adapter plate yeah the machining is simpler but the math isnt and the size of the billet is larger.

BTW the person who has the adapter please post up. Is it billet or cast or... Steel..

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