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and had some questions about rear caliper 17mm bolt
Not everyone realizes that you do not need to remove the rear caliber mounting bolts in order to change the pads.

Pull out the pin and spring, then wiggle out the outside pad (push it towards the center of the hub until it clears, then slide it out) . Once the outside pad is removed, remove the small hex bolt holding the disk, then pull off the disk. It might take a tap or two to break any minor rust holding it onto the hub. Once the disk is removed, rummage under the car to find the inside pad, which has just fallen off the caliper. Note that the factory manual does not call for removal of the caliper mounting bolt.

I find this much easier as I don't have to fight with the e-brake cable, it's easier to twist the piston back in if both bolts remain in place, and no lock-tite or critical torques are necessary.
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