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Here is the map for this drive:

http://goo.gl/AS7ULd (1715 miles)
https://goo.gl/cYpxyQ (495 miles)
https://goo.gl/U8Mmos (317 miles - had to use bicycle route, because google says that it could not calculate it by car)
https://goo.gl/nL88G3 (440 miles)
http://goo.gl/zcDai7 (269 miles)
https://goo.gl/sLzRn9 (962 miles)
http://goo.gl/tgK6n1 (1174 miles)
https://goo.gl/FomeHM (705 miles)

total miles: 6077 miles
On the way to Nevada from California on Day 1 - there were fires in the area, then heavy rainstorm/hail
On the way back to California from Oregon on the last day - there were also fires in the area and we had a small problem..not car related..but became car related later..or else we would of taken better roads home.

All in all, the trip was very nice and we encountered many animals and awesome roads. Our next road trip will probably be to Lake Louise in Quebec next year.

2005 Lotus Elise (Starlight Black)
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