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FS: 1972 Porsche 911S RS Tribute

My boss (who had the Morgan) wants to let another one of his cars go. Figured perhaps some of you might be interested. Its a genuine 1972 911S, modified in period to resemble a 73 Carrera RS. Best of all, it has a 3.6 out of the 964. I've driven it a couple times and it hauls ass compared to a stock 70's 911. Definitely more of a track car, as it sits.

Exterior looks good, but should get a repaint. The wide rear fenders and bumpers are metal, and from what I can tell may be authentic Porsche RS panels. There is some rust on the exterior and interior, but all the parts are salvageable. I'd say maybe 75hrs of work there, but don't quote me on that. Really straight body though, doesn't look to have ever been in an accident.

Interior was stripped from behind the seats. Racing seats are COBRA and have nice Sabelt harnesses. The seats though are definitely worse for wear, just keep that in mind. Car had factory AC at some point, so the vents are still there. Full bolt-in cage, well placed for getting in and out. Door panels are metal, RS-style. Funny enough the car has power windows and a radio, but I would get rid of those. The engine sounds good enough!

The VIN is 9112301251 and according to the COA it was originally Irish Green, and fully optioned out from the factory. Electric sunroof, AC, power windows, fog lights, etc. I think it's pretty cool as-is, but it would make for one hell of an RS replica. Replace some bits with chrome here and there, maybe some new interior bits, and you're there!

His contact info is 206-535-6683 and he wants $69k OBO. Feel free to message me if you want some more info. I don't have any other pics on me but I'll take some more this weekend. Thanks!
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