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that sounds to me like something is broken. if i recall correctly, the mechanism is something like this: the key stalk is attached to a lever arm at it's base. this lever arm pulls on a cable that actuates the latch release. however, the point where the cable attaches to the latch release consists of a cast metal elbow that acts as a hook to pull the latch. this hook is held in place by a delicate plastic clip. if the plastic hook breaks then the cable will come loose and will not actuate the latch. at that point turning the key or pulling the safety release (which just pulls the keystalk lever from it's other end) will have no effect to release the latch.

in that event, i expect that the way in would be to release the latch mechanism assembly from the engine cover lid. there are four nuts, two in the engine compartment and two in the trunk compartment, that need to be removed in order to do this. I'm not sure how accessible these nuts are without the engine cover lid open, though.. something might have to be broken to get to them.

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