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Originally Posted by boxerman View Post
Youre so right, and yours is a great color too. Whats it called?
It's just called slate blue. The interior is brown and tan (bitter chocolate and sandstone, the names for colors,)

I've never driven a non-power pack Vantage, but I have to disagree that it's not fast enough. Mine makes more than 400 hp with the factory power pack and a tune and it's way past adequate. I think the major dig on the stock engine was that Aston had a pretty lazy map for the throttle response and used a relatively heavy flywheel. This is the major improvement in the tune and there's flywheel/clutch options that help alot.

The real surprise is that the car really has fantastic handling, very sharp responses and 49/51 F/R weight distribution with the dry sump engine way back behind the front axle so it's very neutral. The steering feel is also great. We're Lotus people, right, so we know that there's alot more to a car than power.

I also need to disagree a bit on the interior. There is really nothing cheapish about it. Everything is either covered in leather and alcantara or is real metal (save for the upper console which was plastic in some models). Everything that looks like metal is, and everything that looks like leather is. Even the steering column is leather wrapped.

Three things I'd change, I'd drop 400 pounds, I'd make it a little more narrow for maneuverability (although those wide hips are fantastic looking) and I'd change the front sightlines to be able to see the front of the car. Aston didn't do any of these, instead the car is bigger and just as heavy.
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