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Originally Posted by boxerman View Post
What year is yours, what year did they go to the 4.7. Engine size does not make it less lazy. Gearing flywheel and tune are all bigger factors.

Agreed 400hp is plenty for road car.

Maintanace, I have a ferarri 512BB so am somewhat inured to the term maintanance, and the exige v6 track car eats tires and brakes like there is no tomorrow. What goes wrong on the Aston, whats the yearly upkeep require, any big expenses over the years, excluding tires. If one owned the car for say 10 years what would you estimate the average yearly maintance bill would be, and what big expenses occur here and there over the years. Ie what goes wrong on these.
Mine is an '07. They went to the 4.7 in '09. The 4.7 was noted as having more torque but being a little less satisfying at the top end and some people say the 4.3 sounds better.

There really is very little that goes wrong with these cars. They're very solid. Some cars have a timing cover seal leak that Aston has since addressed. Leather on some dashboard parts can shrink and need replacement and the door on the GPS system is fragile. Like any exotic, they are expensive to get work on. These cars have a transaxle and a torque tube, so there's alot to remove to replace a clutch, it's about $7,000 from the dealer. In general it has cost me about $300 or so a year in maintenance.

If you're looking to buy one, THE definitive book to buy is this one:

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