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Never drive in the rain, except if I'm already out and cannot avoid it. Not my kind of fun, really. Nor do I drive in rain (or snow etc. in my other car, or on the motorcycle. I prefer sitting in a nice train or bus or for shorter distances, just use one of my bicycles. It's a bit of a job crawling under the Esprit cleaning everything up to be nice Again, just because of a drive in the rain. And I seriously dislike corrosion. So, after the two drives in the rain, I put it in the garage, and cleaned it completely inside oit and underneath, before closing the garage. But as I said, I've been in really torrential rain with the Esprit twice on my way home, and while it was really hard to actually see anything on the road because of the rain itself, I just drove slow and nice, and everything was good. No problems with sliding out, no cracked exhaust manifold, no rough idle or engine speed, no problems with the car itself, like for example Water intrusion to fuses, relays or into cabin, frunk, trunk etc. So no worries for me. There seems to be a special look on other proples face, when you drive through town in a serious downpour, and they look at you from inside their SUV's, audi's, BMW's, trucks etc.
I've only ever washed the Esprit with lots of Water and soap once - when I bought it 5 years ago.
Each to his own of course.


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