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Oil stat plate and 90 deg filter adapter

How many times you cussed when changing the oil filter?
Pretty simple maintenance operation (on other cars), ends up in the Biblical scale flood of black stinking oil all over the engine and the garage floor.
How many times you wished this filter to reside in the vertical position!

Here is a solution:
Ford M-6880, or 89TM6884, 90 Deg Filter Adapter designed and prototyped by a Member of this forum, EspriS4

Adapter was widely used on 94-01 4.0L V6 engines (Explorer, Ranger, Aerostar)
Be sure that the "banjo" bolt has 3/4"-16 thread and the filter mount has the "right" offset, (away from the block).
The only required modification is "twisting" the plenum stay to clear the filter barrel.

Another beneficial mod is MOCAL thermostatic sandwich plate, MOTC B-3, which allows your engine oil to come up to the working temperature (85C) faster and helps keeping start-up pressures higher. https://www.thelotusforums.com/forum...6290-oil-stat/

For more pictures of the conversion, see below:
Zig's Corner / Esprit Oil Filter Adapter | Lotuscorps Gallery

My next oil/filter change will take much longer than normal, but it will be tidy.
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