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Plastic Body Gauges Failure

Plastic gets brittle with age. Later cars have all POS plastic bodies, which often separate from the lens and fall out.

If you're a purist and want to keep your car genuine,
pull out the top of the binnacle, take all the pieces out and glue the gauges back together with plastic epoxy or Tetrahydrofuran (! naughty stuff).
NEVER use a super-glue nor Gorilla glue.
If you use super-glue type agent, ( PO did it!), the vapours of the Cyanoacrylate trapped between the glass and the face will produce white milky discoloration after several weeks. High air moisture content will accelerate this condition.

More effective fix: replace with VDO gauges; They are clear, crisp, dis-ambiguous, have metal bodies and glass lenses don't scratch as easily as Caerbont-s.
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