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Smile WTB 2005-2007 Elise Touring PKG

Hey guys,

While i'm not new to the forums (created an account back in 2011 but lost access to the email address it was under) I am now in the market for an 05-07 Elise and am looking to buy as soon as today. I have 32K cash to spend so no worry about getting it checked by bank or anything crazy like that (I can literally get you the money in cash if you don't want a cashier's check). As anyone else i'm looking for a good deal and am willing to travel anywhere in the continental US for the right car. Here's what I am looking for:

Clean title is highly preferred although I may opt for a restored salvage as long as the price is right (20K or less).

Millage can be anything up to 100K miles as long as it's a solid car with a fair amount of service records.

Krypton Green is my dream color although I know how rare those are. I am open to Titanium, Black, Blue, Red, and Orange. I don't care too much for white, yellow, purple, or the forest green but I won't rule them out if the price is right to where I can pay to have the car wrapped.

About 95% set on black interior but I may entertain other color options.

I'm about 99% set on it having the Touring package and a hard top. Star shield, sports package, and soft top would be nice extras.

Would really like it to have a decent amount of service records, window sticker, and decent tire life left. Don't want to pay 30K for a car that I need to put work into making it a daily driver.

I can come up with a little more cash if I find the perfect car. I know that prices on these change a lot but i'm hoping to make a deal that both me and the buyer are happy with.

I am located in Phoenix, Arizona. Text me at 623-742-5242 or email me at [email protected]. I work graveyard so you're welcome to text me anytime. I generally don't answer numbers I don't recognize so if you do call just be sure to leave a voicemail. Thanks!
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