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Let's count the major systems that we know were changed for the Evora 400 starting with the easy stuff:

Supercharger, which means new associated hardware and software
Intercoolers, radiators, etc.
Shifting mechanism.
Major body parts including rear wing, diffuser, front bumper and all associated parts and grill covers in multiple locations
Seats (for better or worse)
The whole dash including most instruments and virtually all the controls and buttons, the radio and just about everything else associated with that sub assembly.
Frame/chassis: essentially all new. How many parts did that take?
Brakes (so probably/possibly master and/or slave cylinders)
Rear lights/brake lights
Limited slip diff on MT cars
Suspension components to include shocks and springs
Door cards
Armrest (gone )

So while the 400 is recognizably an Evora and uses the same motor and has the same look, it's different in many important details. I contend the Evora was re-engineered for this iteration while willfully and of necessity retaining a great deal of the original concept and overall design philosophy. Certainly it takes one of us to see the difference so there's that. BTW that's why I balk when people who own an S1 say how ugly the 400 is. I can see a preference for the car without the additional cooling scoops the new car demands as a practical matter but I won't be trading my ugly 400 for an S1 of any vintage except at gunpoint. Under the skin there's enough going on to effectively have upgraded almost every mechanical and electrical system in the car.

'17 Evora 400 MT

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