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I have nothing to do with this magazine, but having just received the second edition, I certainly recommend it. Many folks on here are very long-time Lotus fans, so perhaps you will know some/many of the stories about Lotus racing, cars that might have been, the individuals involved in engineering,production, design, etc., but I think you will still enjoy the stories of restorations, modifications, etc., by and about people who are truly fans of the marque. I hope the publishers are successful and the magazine becomes monthly, as opposed to bi-monthly, but I read the first edition more than once, and think that is likely with the second edition, too. This second edition has a number of features, one of which, about the Europa S and SE I very much enjoyed, as it hints at the struggle that has often plagued Lotus about building sports cars versus GT cars - a struggle I think we still see, as the market for true sports cars is so tightly conscripted. Plus, you can't beat some of the Britishisms in the mag,
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