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Originally Posted by me73 View Post
It doesn't say that you have to keep all the same materials, just that you have to use a bushing that uses the same material as original. Does that rule mean that you can replace the plastic/rubber/plastic sandwich that makes up our bushings with a straight plastic part of the same material?
No, it's come up before. There's actually been clarifications that even having metal sleeving/etc around an otherwise stock material bushing is no go, even if there is no perceived stiffness benefit. It does indeed mean that you must keep the same materials, including the same hardness of otherwise same materials (rubbers), and can't change proportions of bushings that have metal sleeves/etc to have more or less. You also cannot poly-fill bushings that have gaps, which was another common loophole "But I kept the stock bushing! I just filled all the empty space with poly.."

Sandwiching things or adding additional parts equates to changing mounting points/geometry, which is also prohibited.

I haven't read the rules in some years, but there is an overall clause in them or always was before that says something to the effect of "All other changes than explicitly listed are prohibited."
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