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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
I can't say that you have the same issue I did, but the plastic tether that holds the gas cap to the body frequently ends up right under the hinge mechanism, and when you press down you think it's latching, but it pops up again. When you go to close the lid, check to be sure the plastic tether isn't right under the hinge.
I read about that in the thread about the the panel getting stuck. But at the gas station I tried everything I could think of including rotating the gas cap in various directions. Iím pretty sure the tether wasnít obstructing anything. It was just that when you pushed the panel there was no catch of any kind. It either just sat in the closed position (but clearly not latched) or it popped back up slightly.

I was trying to figure out the catch mechanism and couldnít see or feel anything that would hold the latch on the panel. Itís almost like itís a magnetic catch or something. And somehow at the gas station it wasnít activated.

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