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Originally Posted by 4380r View Post
Start with the listing on the site saying the exterior color is Aspen White, then shows an LRG car.

Not saying it's a bogus listing, looks like a real dealer site, but it speaks to the dealer not really knowing what he's working with, less so if you ask him about mods like a supercharger.

Sure bet he'll make no guarantees that with the supercharger, it will pass CA smog inspection if you buy and get it home.

If I were you I'd look closer to home. Lots of cars in California.
Agreed. It's unlikely that I'll fly out there unless I have someone inspect the car beforehand. The dealer seems to not know much of the car and this car is definitely heavily modded. (rear panel delete, aftermarket exhaust, intake, catch can(?), supercharger, rota wheels, front and side aero, gauges, etc..)
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