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Evora 400 decat pipe - WOW!

US Evora 400 owners, if you have not gotten the decat pipe (A132S0230F) that removes the unnecessary secondary cat that comes on US/Federal cars, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Just had mine installed today, and it COMPLETELY changes the exhaust note in a massively good way. The majority of Evora 400 reviews on YouTube talk about how amazing the exhaust sounds, but when I got mine I was pretty disappointed relative to my Evora S with Larini decat and exhaust, which I loved. Most of the reviews were on ROW cars which come from the factory without the secondary cat, while US/Federal cars have the secondary cat.

The 400 with the decat pipe makes the car sound like it should. It's loud, but not loud just for the sake of being obnoxiously loud (a la Jaguar F-Type). It's hard to believe that a Camry engine can sound this good. I could drive around for hours with the windows open just enjoying the exhaust note. It really is that good.
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