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This is very exciting. Coming from an E92 M3, I have been happy with the Evora's exhaust sound but not blown away (it is worlds better than the new F8X gen M3 which is one of the worst sounding cars I have ever heard IMHO). I do really love the Lotus option to keep things quieter for my neighbors when I am leaving for work early in the AM and to open up the sound at effectively all other times and when I am out driving in general.

So did I get this right - Lotus probably designed the car to be louder and sound much better than the US cars do, but in order to comply with (ostensibly California's) most stringent US requirements, they designed the exhaust for a drop in second cat. They would not have scale to design a Cali-based exhaust (most stringent) and a non-Cali exhaust so just provide a Federal US, most stringent option. We think that by going back to the original, non-US spec we get the originally planned sound. Two questions:

Do we believe that for emissions testing outside of Cali, we should pass with this new setup?
Do we believe that Lotus will not see this as in any way impacting our US warranties? I would be happy to ask directly if no one has...

Sorry for the specific questions but wanted to be clear. Obviously I don't hold anyone responsible for their opinions on these two questions.

Finally - I would really like to understand just how much louder this makes the car. I do want more volume but not a ton more sound (just better quality). Critically, when the car is in default mode (quiet mode), can I assume it is still reasonably quieter than the old "loud" mode (with the second cat)? Of course a youtube video compare would be priceless...
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