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Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
Lol. That was my thought process, sort of. I was going to supercharge my Elise, and add the clam kit and racing harness.

Then I realized it would be cheaper to buy the Noble, and have a car that has a clam setup, racing harness, and 2 turbos that gave me more power than any supercharger can on the 2ZZ. Plus it's exponentially more rare than any Lotus. So the decision at that point was easy. Sold the Elise and bought the Noble. (Not necessarily in that order)
The same! I started to build a 'monster' Elise and then just got the M400. Having both at the same time for 5 years, there was no need to mod the Lotus beyond what I did to make it more reliable and better handling for the track. I just sold the Noble and have had serious sellers remorse.

I don't think you can buy a more powerful, great handling, unique car for that money. The SB100 is a big advantage to a California buyer.

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