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Originally Posted by glb View Post
I didn't know either of these.

I looked up CR and their readers say the 2016 was terrible in terms of reliability.

No rating for 2015 or '17.

What year is yours?
Mine is a 2004... Known as the Beta testing year, the 2003 being the worst...

Cayenne years rated by one owner.
06=better still
08=my best so far
09=sounds better internally
10=sounds better externally
My Lotus is an '89... much more reliable. In 46k miles and 18 years
Only left me stranded a few times...
1)Lost 2 fuel injectors (my fault)
2)overheated on track, lost over a gallon of coolant ($2 pressure cap venting at 11psi rather than 15psi)
3)headgasket #2 (coolant system restriction, prob my fault)

The Cayenne
1)Stranded first time it got wet, requiring a computer reset with a laptop and rewiring the canbus wiring under the driver's carpet due to 6 bad factory splices with no waterproofing.
2)fuel pump died
3)radiator sprung a leak along with transmission cooler
4)stranded again while hiking, needed a laptop to get running again every time it started until I redid the wiring under the dash for the steering lock.
This is within 3k miles.

But I'm the 6th owner, and where else can you get 450hp and 450lb-ft, the ability to tow 7000lb, carry 5 people, go off road, and still be pretty sporty and luxurious.. all for $10k ;P

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