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Originally Posted by atomas90 View Post
The ac in my car currently is not working. Here are a few notes:

1. I checked the fuses related to the A/C in the front of the car and in the passenger side footwell, and they were both good.
2. The fan turns on, so i don't believe it's a problem with the relay.
3. The blue light on the button for the a/c turns on and off as if it was working. However, the car does not raise the RPMs when clicking the button
4. If I give power to the compressor directly, the clutch engages and cold air comes out (just put AC gas in the car).
5. Checked to see if the plug that goes to the compressor had power, and there was nothing

Anyone with similar issues??? Any recommendations or possible solutions??
Yes I had similar situation like yours, So I will try to explain to you and hopefully you understand me clearly

So I did the same troubleshooting steps until I found the Relay the one located at the front next to the big fuse box

So I unplugged it and cleaned the slots from any form of dust and connected it back and I heard the Compressor clutch turned on.

The A/C worked.
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