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Arrow Cold as Hell?

I don't have the exact numbers or temps, but in the past my 05 stock A/C unit would ice up every 2 or so years on very long drives. I took one long drive this year with the new electronic module installed and it did not ice up. Generally, the how cold does it feel, temps are way colder this year in general I have noticed, probably due to the electronic modules efficiency. This is coming from a car that never has the top on, so the A/C really struggles to work.

You definitely need to do the other mods too. One other mod I did was wrap the flex tube to the hard tube in the front clam with some Aluminum duct seal tape. There was a VERY minor air leak around the rubber tube. By wrapping it up, the air velocity in the cabin drastically increased, which was really needed for a car with the top off.

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