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I'm over 75k on my 05 Elise. No major issues with the car, just standard wear and tear + maintenance items; oil changes/trans/brakes/tires. Everything has been pretty darn sound for the car itself.

I did have to fork out about $3k in early August. Car has had a bad vacuum leak and I knew the source was broken stud on the intake mani. Not wanting to deal with it myself, paid to have the supercharger dropped. A broken S/C support bracket caused 3 of the mani's studs to shear, so those had to be extracted/replaced as well as the superchargers bypass valve that developed a leak. Had them change the fluids and got a new set of shoes while she was there.

Other than that, meh...pretty minimal stuff. The S/C has been on the car for 40-45k miles. My Evora is pushing 46k....and thats a WHOLE 'nother story in terms of fixes and crap going wrong. Night and day difference between the two cars.

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