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If I had specs, pricing, more info of any sort, I'd gladly share. I think they'll all be 2020MY

Lotus is pre-producing several North American Spec Gt430s as we speak. These vehicles will be imported in November and used for two functions:

1. A Launch activity the first week of December. Depositors will be invited to fly to Huston, TX. (their expense). Lotus will host a several day program for depositors and they'll have the ability to order one of the first in country. They will be the first to see, drive, inspect and if they wish- spec out their GT 430 before they leave MSR raceway. Those vehicles will be the first ordered GTs for North America.

2. Lotus will utilize MSR Raceway for a Press Launch for the GT 430.

If you're not on a list, feel free to contact me so you can order one of the first in the country!

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