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Originally Posted by fzust View Post
I think you know my opinion! While I love data, how much improvement would it be vs in car camera for your development? It is hard to see braking on the video, so that is a thing. Not sure if you always brake in a straight line or you trail brake. Let us know, we'll be here.....
The AIM MXL2 isn't a video device, it's is a combined dash and data logger. I already have a GoPro in-car for basic driver behavior observation.

While I can already view speed/distance and longitudinal/latitudinal G-force in AIM Race Studio, I think there is a lot more I can learn from observing brake pressure, throttle position, and steering position. I'm thinking along the lines of catching sloppy footwork. Being able to track this on my car can only be achieved with a more focused logger like an MXL2 or even more bare bones like the EVO4 with added sensors on the car.

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