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It would be cool if a thread started with some well-researched information we could use as a springboard for an interesting discussion. I hate having to start from rebutting errors and refuting widely-held misconceptions. It’s usually a losing battle and a waste of time.

@difflow - That thing you labeled as a spoiler is actually a wing. Spoilers block or redirect airflow, wings make lift and drag.

Originally Posted by cyow5 View Post
. . .
because air prefers to flow from high to low
. . .
The first clue something is wrong with your physics is when inanimate objects are given agency. Air doesn’t “prefer” to do anything, just like a moving object doesn’t “want” to keep moving.

I’m not an aeronautical engineer, but I’ve designed and built plenty of model aircraft using the same technology that enables full-scale aircraft flight (while accounting for a much higher Reynolds number). This is the same flight regime that a wing on the back of a car operates. A lot of the things @difflow posted strikes me as more marketing hyperbole than science. If your post was an advertisement, then great job!!!!!!!!!! (Especially with the exclamation points!) But it is probably lacking in accurately describing some basics about lift, drag and airflow management. The explanations posted by @cyow5 are better, but still incorporate some-long held misconceptions about lift and how it is generated.

For a more rigorous discussion, @difflow could benefit from someone well-educated in vehicle aerodynamics to help write something about the role of a diffuser. There are several books available on the matter - consulting one of those and re-writing the first post in this thread would be a good starting point.

And just for fun, here are some guys who thought they understood vehicle aerodynamics:


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