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Emissions PSA- anyone with a non-stock tune

If you have a REV300 or REV400:
If you are in a part of Colorado that requires emissions then ensure your tune has ALL emissions components enabled. Their ODB readers check for all of them and one comes up missing or N/A they will send you to the "special emissions inspection" shop and they will check if your ECU has an OEM tune
They get deep. they found notes in my REV400 tune that were put there by BOE, their software can check every bit of the ECU

I am looking at doing a complete reversal of my engine swap and removing the Supercharger just to pass emissions this round

On a similar note: does anyone have a completely STOCK 06/07 ECU I could pay to borrow for 3 days to do the emissions test after my engine swap?

2006 Elise BOE engine and REV400
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