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No Heat

Hi guys,

So I bought an '07 Exige (Magnetic Blue) with 7000 miles on the clock three weeks ago. Yeah, very excited.

Getting ready to put the Elise on the market.

Problem is I have no heat. Here are some facts:

1. Temp Gauge comes on rises to no more than 170 to maybe 175 degrees (shouldn't normal temp be around 194-197?).
2. Heater Controls - No background lights, but the AC lights do illuminate
3. Heater Controls - Fan works fine and I can direct air to various areas (floor, windshield, vents, etc.)

So do you think the lack of heat is the typical stuck thermostat even though I have a working gauge, but temps are low?
Or do you think I have some type of defective heater control?
Or is it the dreaded sensor probe/heater pack in the radiator?

I have no way of determining what the thermostat's condition is. I bought a new solid metal one.

Any help would be appreciated.


'07 Exige

'05 Elise
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