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Congratulations on the addition to the family. Cars come and go, kids come and grow.

That's a really low-mileage car, especially considering two owners. A manual 6-speed too. I've only driven the IPS S for a few miles and think the manual would be more to my liking. I agree with Butters that the interior looks great, especially with the red piping. I also like the really dark blue exterior sports cars. Looks black in some of the pictures with low light.

I saw the picture of the back seats and I had to go look at my GT-R rear seats to compare the room. I had to figure out how to move the driver's seat back up. I think the Evora wins the legroom contest, but it's very close.

Your car is a great way for someone to essentially get a nearly new car, already broken in, for a very reasonable price. GLWS.


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