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I should start a youtube channel.
I could give Tavarish a run for his money with his burnt lambo rebuild.

So I'm bringing the car to the dealership after christmas to get the windshield replaced before I bring it to the body shop.
Family is over for the holidays and my sister hasn't seen the car yet so I decided to take her for a quick ride around the area.

Figured I'd charge the battery fully make sure all the systems are ready to go as the car's been sitting for 2 or 3 months and I was planning on making an hour plus trip the next day.
Well sometimes when you become intimately familiar with vehicles you get the ability to see into the future. Car was running perfectly well, even all of it's minor quibbles were not acting up and we came to a light, it was the first time I accelerated with more than 20-30% throttle and well here's the video:

Thought it had popped out of gear but none of the gears were giving me any forwar motion. Limped it to the side of the road and called AAA.

Gates in the transmission feel good clutch feels good, and it made no noise when it let go, and still doesn't make any noise have any wierd feelings or vibrations just no forward motion at all in any gear.
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