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Originally Posted by kfennell View Post
Did you check by moving the transmission counterweight by hand into gear?

I've had many clutch failures but never had it just slip like that. Not saying it wont. Maybe its a Competition clutch and its wallowed out on the shaft and stuck open.

Is there any noise in the clutch area?

I guess if you've been launching much at that power level you could have stripped the output shaft against the differential I think.

So far I've loaded it onto the trailer and sent it to the dealer, got an email today that said the following:

"We looked at the Elise today and it appears that the clutch has failed… With the car in gear I can push it so the clutch is not grabbing at all to connect the engine and gearbox.
Also, that axle leak I showed you last time is much worse now and it looks like the axle is coming out of the LH side of the diff. There is excessive play and gear oil everywhere!
Would you like an estimate for us to repair?"

I'm not familiar with the transmission counterweight. Is that where the cable grabs the arm on the transmission to shift gears?
If so, the linkage feels fine from the driver seat, but it's interesting you bring it up because you did mention adjusting the linkage when the car popped out of 4th a couple months ago.

In terms of launches, the car's never been launched since I've owned it. Never beat on or anything remotely close to that. I don't even need to shift gears at the local track as it's easier to do the whole track in 3rd.
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