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I was reading through your thread, and once it got to the catastrophic paint posts, I feel for you man. The Lotus Gods have certainly tested you, and you keep rising back to your feet. I have had a few of these moments myself... My car in exploded view, dreaming of that far away distant shore where it's all behind you as you slice through a curve some summer day.

You deserve that slick sewing machine car man! That Volcano Orange is going to be WOKE man!

But other than just saying that, I have had a failure mode with a cv joint that had me chasing my Transmission and clutch, It will indeed act like you busted the LSD or clutch when one driveshaft gives. Just the same it looks like your going to have tear down to the clutch and re install everything again anyway... Check those hubs, find the play everywhere when your buttoning it up. I learned a lot working on my machine. Your symptoms of gears going in place normally in gates, but zero motion or noise. Exactly what happened to me. I tore everything apart, before i saw just thin line of grease on my cv joint. Transmission and clutch were fine. (clutch prob needed replacement anyway)


I am definitely following your thread now man, can't wait to read that post from that sunny day in this Happy New Year! Peacb

Wish I was in your neck of the woods so I could help man. Oh and Thank the Lotus God's for you and your wife's lives... That failure mode happened at the best of all possible times!


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