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Originally Posted by Famous Frank View Post
Wow!, I've now been sitting in my easy chair reading the entire thread. 1) Glad you and your wife are safe. 2) I totally admire your learning curve and your ability to dive right in. 3) The latest issue I would guess is a driveshaft / axle issue. I'm with you regarding no noise, etc. I not only have an Elise but I've owned a Lotus since 1972. I have broken more than my fair share of stub axles in Lotus Elans and Europas. Sounds and acts exactly the same way. Forged stub axles have stopped it.

Paint, ahhhh, paint. My Elise was also repaired in its past before my ownership. When I purchased it, it had some micro blisters in the front clam but most people couldn't see them. Then I backed into the front clam with the hitch on the back of my truck. That made a nice hole!!!
And when the HVAC Resister Pack burned up I was forced to remove the clam. I did, and while I was replacing the radiator, the Resistor Pack and numerous other items I brought the clam to my neighborhood Toyota dealer's body shop. They didn't want to touch it but I talked them into. I then made the mistake of saying "no hurry"! "Can you work on it between jobs"! A few months went by before I got it back. A week later there was a qtr size bubble in the paint. Brought it back. They have bent over backwards to keep me happy. Two month went by, I picked it up again, set it in the back yard and three weeks later another bubble appeared. Returned it. They contacted 3M for material recommendations. Six weeks later it was ready again. I went to pick it up. One of the body men was walking backward to look down the side of another car, hit the clam where it fell off the stand and chipped the paint off the corner. A month later I can=me to pick it up again, when the paint bubbled again. And also at this time the EPA was forcing them to move to water based paint. They then demanded the 3M rep come out. It turned out the 3M rep was mistaken and had them using the wrong materials. They stripped it to the base and repainted it again. Took 11 months but it's back, looks great, and has no issues. I wish you much paint happiness!!!

Instead of the Honda or turbo changes, how about installing the Toyota V6? I love the way they sound!!!

Thank you for a great write up and sharing!
All the Best,

BTW - Mine is Graphite Grey with Red Leather and I love it!

Looks Great and thank you for sharing your story. I think anyone who's been through this sort of fiasco can relate a bit. Luckily I'm pretty resourceful and I have no great pride that keeps me fromt driving this car in it's current ugly state, so I've already worn through my first set of R888Rs. So I've been using it, and not having it for the better part of a year would be more painful in some ways.
Feel like I'm a bit too young to be sitting back on my rocking chair exchanging war stories, but this isn't my first rodeo.
If it makes you feel better, my father in law just got his Corvette back after sitting at a shop for nearly 3 years . Mechanic broke his femur halfway through the project.

Originally Posted by exigegus View Post
certainly, but sometimes damage takes time to fully become obvious.

I agree, I pushed back on the dealership to see how much thought they put into the hour of diagnosis they charged me. Pushed back on the clutch letting go, told them I had changed it beginning of the summer. And he took a step back on his assertion that it was a clutch problem, and then kept saying well one wheel will turn on the lift (passengers side) but if he hold it the car's not spinning the other wheel. I said I have a Quaife and it is an LSD, but I believe those are Torsen diffs... and I had to say this at least 3 times to him nicely, and torsens don't lock when they're not under load, they act like open diffs.
So I pushed back on him kinda hard on if he was really making sure the splines on the drivers side axle were really engaged as he himself in the report mentioned that it seemed to be loose, and leaking fluid badly. Would make sense if it popped out, as that's the side that had the ball jont failure. And when I popped the acle back in, I didn't think anything of it at the time but the tension on the circlip to get it back in wasn't as significant as original, so maybe I just need to get a new circlip. and the axle disengaged.

So they're replacing the windsheild and they're goign to take another look for me. Keep your fingers crossed for something simple.
But I keep running into dealership experiences that are less than stellar. Just poor general mechanic diagnosis work, and it might apply here too. Esepcially given that from that quick diagnosis they were ready to rip the transmission out and start racking up the bills.

Originally Posted by Motard View Post

I was reading through your thread, and once it got to the catastrophic paint posts, I feel for you man. The Lotus Gods have certainly tested you, and you keep rising back to your feet. I have had a few of these moments myself... My car in exploded view, dreaming of that far away distant shore where it's all behind you as you slice through a curve some summer day.

You deserve that slick sewing machine car man! That Volcano Orange is going to be WOKE man!

But other than just saying that, I have had a failure mode with a cv joint that had me chasing my Transmission and clutch, It will indeed act like you busted the LSD or clutch when one driveshaft gives. Just the same it looks like your going to have tear down to the clutch and re install everything again anyway... Check those hubs, find the play everywhere when your buttoning it up. I learned a lot working on my machine. Your symptoms of gears going in place normally in gates, but zero motion or noise. Exactly what happened to me. I tore everything apart, before i saw just thin line of grease on my cv joint. Transmission and clutch were fine. (clutch prob needed replacement anyway)


I am definitely following your thread now man, can't wait to read that post from that sunny day in this Happy New Year! Peacb

Wish I was in your neck of the woods so I could help man. Oh and Thank the Lotus God's for you and your wife's lives... That failure mode happened at the best of all possible times!
Appreciate the offer, but this car would keep us both too busy.
See above the update from the dealer, they might not have done the best diagnostic work for the $155/hr they charged. They'll have more info for me later in the week, so hopefully it's good news and maybe they just made a mistake.

If that's the case then all major disasters should be averted.

There was so much interest in the thread about the Evora painted Volcano Orange that my hope is to figure out the process so others have access to it to. The volcano orange with lots of carbon fiber is the goal and I think the car will look very nice.

I mean here's the car on track with that terrible autoflex on it, without the hardtop, without the wing, without the carbon fiber and me test peeling a section, and all of the atttention to detail in the bodywork still makes it look pretty darn good.

It's easier to imagine the final look of the car in Volcano orange using this photo as an analog. Even though with the hard top this car would look even better:

Can anyone turn this red into volcano orange using photoshop?
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