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I'm surprised no-one has joked that this car is an amalgamation of BMW reliability and Toyota styling.

To be fair, even the original Supra turbos weren't all that amazing stock (and they are pretty heavy) - it was really the aftermarket (and "you owe me a 10-second car") that made them popular.

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Funny. My friend and I were discussing this car last night. We grew up in the golden era of Japanese sports cars during the early 90’s to late 90’s and we both were disappointed to say the least about this car. They ruined the “Supra” name. So sad.
Unfortunately we don't have the benefit of a Japanese bubble economy (and the make-it-rain-at-the-club engineering spending) that yielded the 90s Japanese sports cars. Now that all the attention is on SUVs and crossovers, I really doubt we'll see anything like it in our lifetimes.

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