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Originally Posted by gray View Post
I'm surprised no-one has joked that this car is an amalgamation of BMW reliability and Toyota styling.
That's great

Originally Posted by gray View Post
To be fair, even the original Supra turbos weren't all that amazing stock (and they are pretty heavy) - it was really the aftermarket (and "you owe me a 10-second car") that made them popular.
They were impressive for the time. It's hard to look at 0-60 in 5 seconds as impressive from today's perspective, but in the day, this was 911 turbo territory. It also pulled about 1g on the skidpad, which was amazing at the time.

I personally wasn't interested, too big and heavy. I'm more of an FD and M2 MR2 fan, but when the Supra came out, it was impressive.

People don't realize, but the Supra was never really a sports car. It started out as a stretched, pumped up, and optioned out Celica and they just got heavier and heavier. It wasn't until the 4th gen that they set out to make a sporting car (it was actually delayed a couple years because the original 4th gen was not going to be compeditive with the Z, 3000GT, and Rx-7) but it was always a GT.

Originally Posted by gray View Post
Unfortunately we don't have the benefit of a Japanese bubble economy (and the make-it-rain-at-the-club engineering spending) that yielded the 90s Japanese sports cars. Now that all the attention is on SUVs and crossovers, I really doubt we'll see anything like it in our lifetimes.
It doesn't take a big budget to make a car good looking. Everyone has to overstyle their cars these days. It's a shame.

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