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Didn't get to finish the rest of the DIY vinyl black pack for the lip and the hood so I will have to post a revision when that's done at a time when i'm not too lazy, but here's what PLAY-DOH's side barges and front splitter look like on my solar yellow. I was going to red stripe the edges, but decided I like the subtleness of the barges/splitter blending into the black and standing out against the yellow on their own. I never realize how low the Evora is with the underside warping inward from the door, until seeing the barge boards inches from the pavement. Still need to get used to adding extra space for my legs when stepping out of the car and not accidentally stepping on the board. Really well made stuff though, and really awesome design, @PLAY-DOH ! The wife and I had a good giggle at your hand written installation instructions and illustrations.

I didn't use the double-sided tape on the front splitter since I figured I was going to remove it at a later time to vinyl the lip too, but with all the bolts up front and around, it doesn't look like it will go anywhere. I've been hitting 80 miles per hour on the freeway, and the lip's still attached to the car.

The hardest part of the installation was my stubbornness to remove the rear wheels to access the rear bolt for the barges.... it's definitely a must step, no way about it. You should amend your instruction steps to include removal of rear wheel to address stubborn people like me from repeating my mistake of needlessly wasting a whole hour thinking my hands were small enough to fit through. I also couldn't get one of the nut in the front of driver side barge to align and thread up, but the second one next to it fitted snug and tight, and I don't see any problem.
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