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I can't help you with any of your questions, but I can give you this info.
Last year I changed my stock radiator to the Pro Alloy one from Boe, I had a very minor leak in the stock one. After the new radiator was installed, I did a bunch of test driving under different conditions and found there was no difference in the performance between the 2 radiators. A month or so later I changed my thermostat from the stock one to a 170 degree aftermarket one. That made a big difference, my water temp dropped on average 15 degrees, whether I was on the street or on track, so my conclusion is that the radiators, stock or aftermarket have plenty of spare capacity, the stock thermostat was what was holding back the rest of the cooling system.

Boe REV 300 Supercharger.
Boe DMC Ultimate header.
Boe Clam Hinge.
Boe Pro Alloy Radiator.
Boe TOC wet sump oil pan.
Boe Fuel surge tank.
Boe Oil catch can.
Boe HP fixed rotors with Ferodo DS 2500 pads.
BWR Larini Group B Muffler.
BWR Street/Track Anti roll bar.
Mocal rear mounted oil cooler.
V2 steering arms,
Nitron Singles 425/550.
InoKinetic DS rear toe links.
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