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Originally Posted by +TSRAGR View Post
By design, the # of fins and tubes is inversely proportional to the radiator thickness. Unfortunately, you're comparing too many variables between single and double pass radiators to be able to draw firm conclusions about heat transfer based solely on surface area.

If you want maximum radiator heat transfer, you should convert to puller fans and ditch the condenser. The factory setup yields good flow across the condenser (for better AC) at the expense of maximum radiator cooling.
These are all single pass. Based on the data available, the relationship does not appear to be strictly inversely proportional. Should still be able to glean some idea of performance from the surface area info.

In my particular circumstance I am running a Blade 300 tune (260whp), AC and a Laminova system with a 170F thermostat. Would like enough headroom for 350whp.

I know puller fans are bout 20% more efficient than pusher fans but would like to keep the pushers for AC efficiency as the car is 90% street driven. Car needs to be capable of 30 min track sessions (M1 concourse & Waterford Hills) and back to back AutoX runs.

I question whether anything but the Denso unit would be up to the task, but am curious as to where the EP performance radiator and Koyo fall. The hope is the core specs will help shed some light on that.
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