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Horrible experience with Mr. Rob Dietsch / Dietsch Werks

No sure how others experience with Mr. Rob Dietsch was, I wanted to share my experience, which was a communication nightmare.

I sent my car to Mr. Dietsch for some light clam repair last August, we had a good chat about the car, let him take the time and do the right repair. We roughly agreed on taking delivery in 3 months. I wouldn't deny that the body work was done well, but everything else has been very frustrating.

Here was what happened later:

- The OEM decals were not ordered or put on, so we agreed that he will reimburse the cost of the decals if I purchased them myself. I even said I could eat the shipping cost and put them on myself, haven't received the reimbursement as of today (after 2 months)
- Left my registration, manual booklet at his place and haven't given them to me as of today (after 2 months)
- Battery was dead after sitting there for 5 month (I just ate the cost of replacing a battery)
- Took another 2 month to deliver the car. Car was delivered unfinished here and there, very dirty interior

Since I took the car I called multiple times to get my reimbursement, manual, and my registration back. I've been super patient and Mr. Dietsch has been AVOIDING my calls and text. I had to use different phones to call he would hangup on my calls.

Here was what he said yesterday before hanging up on my call again:
"I don't have enough to pump in my gas and once I have my gas money I'll send you the money." - I call that Bull****, you were just off the GGLC event right?
"I have a couple cars to finish and then i'm out of the business" - Yea I'm wondering how you could sustain a business if you treat your customers like ****.

Care to comment? @Dietsch Werks
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