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Originally Posted by h20ham View Post
Possible to make them Gull Wing?
It seems like it would be difficult to do with all the moving parts and such -- however it would be nice if it was in 2 pieces instead of one - I guess more like t-tops with a removable bar down the middle -- that way when you took it off, you could put it behind the seats it would be a matter of designing the removable middle bar and how the polycarbonate would mount to it in such a way that everything snaps in and out with ease, and also seals nice with no leaks or wind noise.
At the same time part of the reason I like the transparent top is because there is no bar down the middle - it feels more open when it's on. If the center bar was made of a polycarbonate transparent rod that was removable ..ehhh now that would be perfect - but the cost would go up. I suppose I could try to make both versions. In theory if the center piece started as a polycarbonate transparent rod, I could make a hinging system on it to make it gullwing at the same time. The beauty of it would be if it all snapped out and fit behind the seats, you no longer need a soft top...so with this you don't have to own another hard top or a soft top - just need this one - which I suppose for a few people could justify the extra costs.
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