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Originally Posted by Habious View Post
I have one of the Visium tops - they're great. I would recommend one over a factory top to anyone that asks my opinion ( I have both).

The Visium top is much easier to put on and take off - the mounting hardware is much less fiddly than the factory top.

I have a black Elise so, the tinted Visium top looks really good on it. I think this would be a different case if your Elise is Fly Yellow.

It does make the car feel less claustrophobic. It doesn't make the car noticeably hotter (but then, I don't install it in June...I use it in January.) If it's over 45, the top is off. If it's raining, I don't drive the car.

As for @TechnoHippie 's failure of his - I have no idea what happened. I know that he and I aren't the only people that own these, and he's the only person I've heard about that's had that sort of a problem. I've used mine for several years, on two different cars (I originally bought it for my Tesla Roadster, and kept it when I got the Elise). It's been faultless.

I do agree with some that the price is a bit high. I haven't looked into them in a while but, when I bought mine, they had a "Standard" version and a "Deluxe" version - I got the Deluxe version...which came with a cleaning kit and a soft cover. The soft cover is OK but, these "additions" really weren't worth the additional price. I felt like I got a little ripped off with the "Deluxe" version.

The other really nice feature of the transparent top is that, when you're first at a stop light, you can look up, through the top and see the signal light. As these cars are so low, we all know that you're always looking UP at everything (including slammed Civics). With the factory (opaque) hardtop, you're just blind to a lot around you. With the transparent top, it opens everything up.

With all of that being said, I applaud @TechnoHippie and his efforts - I'm curious to see what he comes up with; especially his alternative mounting solution. However, given that I already own two hard tops (and don't use either of them that often), I probably won't be a customer.
I haven't heard of anyone else having the problem I did with it either...plus I bought mine used from a guy who had used it for quite a while too. In my case, it was the little plastic piece that is part of the car which part # 18 in this picture connects to
.so what broke wasn't part of the top -- it was part of the Lotus. I had my car out at BOE after all this happened and showed them the piece that had broke - I was disappointed that this piece was made of plastic and not metal. If that tiny piece was metal then it wouldn't of broke like it did. The guys at BOE said that they'd never seen one break like that before - so I chalk it up to simply bad luck on my part. IF I was to get another visium top, I would make those little plastic Lotus parts out of metal. And I agree it is a lot easier to put in than the factory hardtop - that is for sure. But there are still a few things that could be improved on -- no need for any bolt turning or loose parts to attach it -- and using the pins vs the metal clamps to attach it so you're not depending on that little piece of plastic not breaking either. That being said -- if I was you I wouldn't replace it with a different one, I'd just keep it and put eyes on that little plastic piece every now and then to make sure it hasn't developed any cracks.

Can you do me a HUGE favor and measure how thick your top is?
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