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I won another TT event and set a Track record in two classes.

So to follow up my last post about winning nationals I wanted to share what I did this last weekend.

NASA Texas was at MSR Cresson a 1.7 Mile track southwest of Fort Worth. I went up there on Thursday night and practiced Friday (my 3rd day on track) and competed on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday morning it POURED rain all night, so the track got pretty washed off leading to reduced grip. The track record was 1:15.7 and I had gone 15.9 on Friday. However that wasnt to be on the green track and in the last session I put on new "stickers" and went 16.0 to take the win for the day.

Sunday was the better session for conditions and I put the good tires back on for the second session. I went out and did a 1:15.5 to break the record on my 5th lap of the session. I had one competitor still on track, but he had caught traffic and I wasn't worried about him beating that time and I assumed that I had won for the day. We were all back in the garage celebrating and someone walked up and checked if we had reviewed the times and it turns out that a Vette had gone 1:15.4 a few laps after I left!

This gave me two more sessions on a warming track to get a time in, first lap in the next session someone blew their diff and ended the session. This left me with just one more try to go faster then I ever had on tires that now had 3 heat cycles. Luckily there were less cars still around for the very last session and the air temp had even cooled down a little. So the conditions were good and I gave the now aging tires an extra lap to come up to temp before I really pushed and managed to eek out a 15.2 on my last lap of the day. My competition stayed out and did 12 laps at full pace, which is really crazy in a TT car with Hoosier A7s when his car weighs 3000 lbs and has 360? WHP. He managed a 15.7 on the last lap, but was not quite there.

For reference there were about 40 cars in the TT group and the only car faster then me on this weekend was a 700 WHP fully prepped vette in the unlimited class. My time was also faster then the TT1 class record (6 lbs per horsepower class, mine is 8 lbs per horsepower).

This was my first event running 245 tires in the rear, before I had been running 275 on a 9" wheel (because rules) and this event I ran 245's on a 10" because it let me drop 75 lbs (car now weights 1970 lbs with me in it). I also had splitter diffusers on the car and vented front wheel arches. I guess I need to vent the rears as well for my next project.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/UX77Th1

Video of best lap with go pro:

Less good video of best lap because I forgot go pro:

Feel free to start a gofund me to get a good car camera Thanks for looking. I will be at COTA this weekend and in 2 weeks driving, and I will be competing in COTA at the NASA event in May.

2007 Exige S with almost every track mod...
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