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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Sorry Kris, but I think what I said is true "That car never ran in Lotus Cup in its current configuration." I probably should have been more precise by saying that the "car" in its current configuration never won any championships. If I'm wrong and this car, as currently configured, competed in the CUP Class or SuperSport Class with 310 HP...then WOW, that would have been inconsistent with the class rules back in 2013. I'm sure it did not, as you are one of the most ethical and honest people I know.

In no way, am I commenting, nor did I dispute that, DRS "supported" that car for most of its entire life after Larry purchased it from me in 2010 (it might have been late 2009). Nor, is it my intention to not acknowledge that the car when it was mostly stock won the class championship in 2013, in the very capable hands of Larry.

As for me and my participation in Lotus Cup -- I feel hurt by your statement ... "I don't remember seeing you at many races after 2012 so maybe you weren't aware that this car was in competition 2012, 2013, and 2014." I'm clearly a "forgetable" person.

Just for the record, I did run the entire 2013 season (and even notched a few overall wins. I also did a couple races in 2014.

The above are facts and not stories ..... love you Kris and the work you do for the Lotus community.

I apoligize, if I caused you any consternation. I did not realize you created the AD that apexdc posted for the non-LotusTalk member/owner of the car in question.
Hi Jack,

I wasn't meaning to insult you by saying I don't remember seeing you a lot during those last years of the series...It was just my recollection that you started to do more stuff at SMMR and less LCUSA towards the end.
Larry had some fun battles with Bryant and Wang before he left, and that was when the car started to evolve.

The "Cup Class" started to lose it's essence, and loopholes in the rules started to allow for bigger wings, more aggressive aero, and more power... we started chasing that carrot for sure. Then the Super Sport class was introduced as a middle ground for modified cars that were not fast enough to be in Trophy Class. The rules were that the cars could not exceed 260 Whp on a SuperFlow dyno (the type that both Rob Dietsch and myself have). I am not sure how well that was enforced, but that's what it was. The trick was to run the small pulley and tune the engine to have max power and torque in the broadest power band possible, but since the SC engines Hp curves are linear you can simply detune the engine only at peak to be just barely within the rules.

We then were forced to switch back to the stock SC pulley, and I think that was a smart decision for the series. I honestly cannot remember now if that pulley rule was for both Cup and Super Sport, or only Cup. We only ran Super Sport for 1 season.

The current owner of the car elected to have us reinstall the smaller pulley, hence more power than what was dictated in the rule set. And since he was not restricted by those rules in LCUSA we used a normal ECU calibration with our EFI system to make more power. So you are partially correct, but the car was run with one pulley and then the other and the power level was controlled by the series (which we did via electronics).

Anyway, nothing to argue over...we're still friends right? Don't want to sidetrack this thread for what it is truly intended for, and that is for this car to be sold and enjoyed by the new owner. It was loved by all previous owners and served us all well. To this day I always tell people that was the best handling Lotus I have ever driven. I swear that chassis was special somehow.
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