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Hey Eldon. Coaching and instruction varies heavily based on who attends. Because these events are open to all skill levels, we assess drivers and then make recommendations for which run groups they should belong to. For beginners (brand new to track and track days) we have mandatory track walk in the morning, mandatory classroom session before first run. The first 4 20 min driving sessions are then lead follow laps (4 to a group and rotating each session who is behind lead car, modeled after Ron Fellows program). An instructor certified by us with knowledge of the venue rides shotgun and helps to assist the beginners with hitting species, braking zones, etc. Then comes catered lunch! We do one more classroom session and after that it is free runs with an instructor (no more lead follow) for the rest of the day. We try to run these events as cost effective and safely as possible hence the number of cars being extremely low and the instruction being free of charge! Although, I don't think you'd likely want to ever do the long drive from NC up to NY, I appreciate the feedback! If one day you feel our program is worthy enough we'd be happy to have you!
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