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Pondering options for when I get a flat tire.

I did a search, and read through most of the posts. They are all rather old, so I'm starting this thread to get more recent info, and see if some of you have changed your mind. Below are what I'm contemplating. Please add your opinion/experience.

[1] Spare wheel/tire at home. So if I'm not too far from home, someone can bring it to the scene. This would require a front wheel/tire and a rear wheel/tire. Most expensive option.
[2] Carry a tire plugger kit + air compressor + scissor jack in the car. Hopefully the damage to the tire is pluggable. Please share what brand/model you have.
[3] Carry a fix-a-flat goo bottle. My least favorite option, because I've been told that it creates a mess inside the tire.
[4] Carry the collapsed Porsche tire mounted on a wheel inside the trunk. Not sure about this one, availability may be an issue.

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