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As a sportbike enthusiast, you learn how to deal with roadside tire repairs. I've been caught, more than once, hours from home in the middle of nowhere with a flat from a screw or nail. Putting a temporary plug in with one of those kits is the easy part. Reinflating the tire is the critical part. The CO2 canister things work OK (on motorcycles at least) but my preference is the little 12V compressor that plugs into the cig lighter, or clips to the battery terminals. Slime makes a good one. I even use that little thing to pop the tire bead when changing motorcycle tires! They fill slowly, but surely.

I carry several types of rope-type plugs and a couple of different plugging tools with me in the Elise at all times. I'm pretty confident I can address 99% of the tire punctures I might encounter with some combination of my various tire plugs. Then i can just plug in my compressor, sit back and relax while my tire fills, and be back on the road. I used to carry the fix-a-flat stuff, but don't anymore.

"In general, the Elise will be kept in best operating condition by regular use."
Page 152 Lotus Elise owner's manual
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