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Troubleshooting steps for HVAC issues

Hi all, I was hoping to get some help troubleshooting and testing steps in this thread to get the easy stuff out of the way before coming up with a game plan for fixing my HVAC.

It seemed like all of the steps to troubleshoot were scattered about all over and I thought it would be helpful to have it all in one spot to help myself and others in the future.

It seems like the steps to check in order of difficulty is

1) Fuses
2) HVAC Controls
3) Switch Pack
4) Blower Hot/Cold Flap and Flap Actuator
5) Resistor Pack
6) Blower Motor

Now, which fuses should be checked and what are the locations of them all? How do I check the HVAC Controls?

Anyways, for my specific situation, I would appreciate any help as well.

What is not working: all 3 fan settings see no life. Recirc button never worked/lit up. Hot/Cold actuator flap does not move.

What I did check: heater core flap is not stuck, I can move it with my hand. I believe I checked the fuses, but am not 100% sure if I am checking them properly or if I am checking the right ones.

What I want to check, but am not sure how: Check all proper fuses and locations, check controls in cabin.

I bought the car and recirc light never worked, but i didn't bother with it as everything else worked.

Then one day the flap stopped working, but I just manually moved it a few times a year.

Then after a heavy rainstorm, I went to drive it and as soon as i turned on the fans, i heard a POP, saw a flash under the dash above my feet and the blower stopped working after that.

I appreciate any time/help/pictures/links to instructions and such.

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