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Originally Posted by jordanpryce View Post
Not a comment on price. More a question about the change in ownership. Previously you would see Elise/Exige that had changed hands many times in a few years. Now I'm wondering if they have found their way to owners who are more long term. I see two types of sports car owners. Those who get a new and more interesting car every few years, (such as Porsche owners who continually move to the latest model) and those who just find a car and stick. I'm wondering if the Exige has become one of those cars that now attract long term ownership, and if so, is that unique to NA as we no longer get new models. I'm sure many more pre-2012 would change hands if Lotus opened up the market to new cars again.
I'd agree that if a new street legal Exige came here there would be more older versions up for sale. There are still a good number of these for sale, maybe not in the condition you are exactly looking for though. There are several that are hanging on to these cars as well, it's cheap enough that selling is not going to produce a ton of needed cash and for the money I'm not sure there is something else I'd rather have. Keep watching the for sale threads and post up a want to buy add and then wait. I recall watching the sale adds for over a year before pulling the trigger as I'm sure many have.
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