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@jordanpryce , I think you've hit the nail on the head. While Lotus was still supplying the North American market with updated product, people were more keen to sell in order to upgrade. Now that is no longer possible so I think people are wise to the fact that they'll be hard pressed to find another car that scratches the same itch the Elige's do. I myself have an 06 Aspen White Exige that I don't think I could ever let go. Of course, it is highly modified in that it is powered by an a2w intercooled and supercharged Honda mill so according to yourself it is less desirable. Can one complain about the market when one doesn't want to pay for a pristine example at a higher premium nor less money for a modified specimen? I lean towards no. Perhaps if your desire starts to really burn, you might consider changing your perspective on the pricing trends of this particular market. Tracked cars aren't bad cars, necessarily. Modified cars aren't bad cars, necessarily. Just a matter of perspective, I'd say.

Thinking of K-swapping? Here's an idea of the cost involved.

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